Getting Into Art & Drawing


Everyone would love to be able to draw or paint and make beautiful pictures. But how to start? Not everyone has the time to go to Art School!

We know that starting it can be daunting. So we’ve made it easy. We’ve got a page for each type of art. We’ve taken the best ‘How To’ DVDs for each type, and a link to the best online artstores with exactly what you need to get started.

So all you have to do is to choose what you want to learn. Do you want to make beautiful oil paintings? Wonderful watercolors? Delightful drawings? Or do you want to start by learning about the History of Art and Composition? Maybe it’s your children. Do you want to help your children discover their inner artist?

Whatever you want this is the place to start. You don’t have to wade through pages and pages of information that you don’t need. Everything is here.
Have a look through the different types of Art, select the one that appeals most then click on the ‘How To’ to get the best DVDs and Step-by-Step books and then on ‘What You Need’ to get the exact materials you need – all at great prices and delivered to your home.

Start to learn art today and soon you will be producing beautiful artworks for your friends and family to admire.


Who hasn’t wished they could just pick up a pencil and create something beautiful? If you watch artists at work they make it look so easy. And by following the step by step instructions you will find that you learn the techniques which differentiate you as an artist.

Anywhere Anytime

Who hasn’t doodled in a class, in a meeting, at their desk? Drawing can be done anywhere. You can practice your techniques while carrying on with your everyday life!

Pencils and Charcoal

Drawing is the most affordable of art forms. All you need are pencils and paper. Pencils range from hard (4H) which are used for precision drawing, through to 6B which is soft and great for smudging. Charcoal is great for smudging and effects, but be prepared to have messy fingers!


You can get beautiful paper which just begs to be drawn on. Thick, textured and creamy. But you don’t need that to start with. Ordinary ‘Visual Diaries’ come in many sizes. They have good heavy paper and are very reasonable.

Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are not just for children. They can make beautiful art works. Their huge advantage is that they are the easiest things to pick up and put down – no preparation, no dried out brushes. Just pick up your pencil and go!

The Most Affordable Medium

Colored pencils are very cheap, and you can buy individual pencils if you tend to use some colors more than others.

Portable and Always Ready

You can use them anywhere! Light and easy to carry, you can put them in your bag or pocket without worrying about mess. And they are ready anytime. No preparation needed.

You Can Add Water!

Watercolor pencils are similar to colored pencils, with the added benefit of being able to use water for different effects. You can paint with water over your drawing, pick up color from the pencil using a brush, wet the pencil and draw with it or wet the paper you’re working on. Have fun experimenting with all the different ways!