Instead Of Local Cuisine, Why Not Experiment

ethiopian cuisine portland or

Local cuisine is not at all bad. In fact, it is quite outstanding, all depending on which star ratings you are following and which city restaurants you are patronizing. And of course, in keeping with the human condition of gastronomical tastes, everyone has their personal favorites. But familiarity could also breed contempt. So, instead of visiting the same old same old every Friday night, why not try something completely different.

Perhaps particularly for those who proudly profess to be African-American, why not explore your culinary heritage. Experience what your cultural ancestors did from back in the day. And you may also find that they ate rather well indeed, in more ways than one. The local ethiopian cuisine portland or restaurant is one venue you ought to visit. It is indicative of one of the oldest culinary traditions on the African continent.

Picking through a full Ethiopian menu is also in keeping with today’s rapid move towards healthier eating habits, particularly in the area of veganism and the desire to stave off the hungry appetite for meat. The Ethiopian menu shows no evidence of being restricted. The menu is thick and full, in more ways than one. As they say, variety is the spice of life. And that being said, some of the Ethiopian food can be rather spicy.

A rather pleasing outcome for those who enjoy the spicier things in life. But never will the palate be burned. It needs to be said that visiting an Ethiopian restaurant not just for its food but for a full cultural experience comes highly recommended. And those who enjoy the gentler hues of life should feel quite comfortable within this cultural environment. But those who really cannot make it tonight can still order in.

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