Great Dessert Ideas

What is your favorite part of the meal?  Do you like an appetizer or maybe a savory soup?  What about a dessert?  For those that like to have a dessert, a popular cookie delivery atlanta option can be found with many restaurants.  For desserts cookies might not be your favorite, so here are a few options that you may want to consider.


Cake is great.  You can have a chocolate cake, pound cake or even an angel food cake.  Some of the drawbacks to cake however is that they are really heavy, can be sweet and more.  One of the biggest issues is frosting.  If you can stay away from sugary frosting cake can be an enjoyable treat.


For a lighter flare you may want to consider a pastry.  With pastries you are given more of a crust.  This crust is filled with fruit, pudding or something sweet.  The combination of the dough and the sweet inside filling is what make pastries so popular. 

Ice Cream

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For those looking for something sweet, cool and creamy, consider some level of ice cream.  When eating ice cream, you are eating a dairy product.  This dairy product can cause issues with some people who are lactose intolerant, however, there are frozen yogurt options for these issues.

When eating ice cream, the toppings are probably the best part.  Hot fudge and nuts top the list.  From there whipped cream, cherries and an assortment of sauces top the list.  Ice cream can be eaten in the summer, in a bowl, on a cone and in a wide range of different configurations. 

Dessert is probably the most popular part of the meal.  Taking time to really explore the different options can open up your eyes to a great combination of desserts you never knew existed.