How’s the Weather in Portland?


As many of you have probably already heard it does rain a lot in the Northwest, and Portland is no exception to that rule.  Having lived in the Northwest my whole life (mainly the Seattle and Portland metro areas) I can tell you that the rain is just something you learn to live with for a chunk of the year. It usually comes down pretty hard in the fall and winter months (between October and February) and, depending on the year, this can really seem like 5 days out of the week are gloomy and drab. This can really wear on certain types of people so it does take a special person to be a Northwestern’er.  Some years the rain is less however and it is much easier to tolerate overall.

Come winter we never expect much in the snow department but if we’re lucky we will get a few inches once or twice during the winter season. This is a welcomed treat for most people and it’s especially nice to have a white Christmas.

The spring and summer are really where it’s at in Portland and is when all the people seem to come out with smiles on their faces. Summers in the Northwest are truly some of the best in the country. There is so much green from everything getting an overabundance of water for several months and even the plants and trees seem alive and happy.

For any contractors looking to move into the area the Portland economy is also booming. Not to mention there is plenty of rain to keep your siding company or roofing company busy 🙂