Is Portland becoming the top relocation destination?

As many of you have probably noticed or heard in the news, Portland, Oregon is becoming quite the popular place. The city is getting a lot of buzz in various media outlets and seems to be on the subject of a lot of talk as far as one of the booming cities and destinations for people to relocate to.  The economy is doing well and with major companies headquartered nearby such as Nike and Intel, there is plenty of workforce availability for the high tech industry.

According to this CNN article Oregon was the top destination for people who moved out of state in 2015. That statistic is staggering but to those living in Portland it does make sense as we’ve all noticed things getting more crowded.  If you take a look at the graph below it shows the high level of interest and number of Google searches for those inquiring about moving to Portland online, and the majority, as shown in the 2nd chart, were searching from California:

According to CNBC one of the main reasons people are flocking here is because pricing, relatively speaking, is reasonably low for good and housing. This is the case especially when compared to our neighbor from the south, California, where home prices have been skyrocketing for over a decade. Coincidentally California happens to be where the majority of new Portland residents are relocating from. Bend, Oregon has seen a sharp population increase in the last 10 years and over 70% of those new residents are former residents of the bay area.

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